Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here!

I'm soooo incredibly happy spring is here. I was on the phone with a friend today and she had a woolly bear caterpillar in her yard. This afternoon I went out and tried to clean up the yard some, and found a dried up squirrel head the dog left us. It had been sitting a long while, so was not bloody. We'll be saving it to examine after we soak it in vinegar for a few weeks.

The boys have been playing outside more and more everyday. It is so neat to see them enjoying the fresh air. Speaking of getting out, Cliff and I went shopping for bikes yesterday for us. It was a short date for us. We haven't bought anything yet. We are excited about having bikes for each of us to ride on the many lovely paved bike paths around central Iowa. We have miles of paved trails within 5 miles of our house. We'll be getting a hitch for our suburban which we will have in a few weeks. We're buying it from the Wild Tribe, friends of our who are in California right now, and due back in a few weeks. They will be heading to MN for the spring.

This week we will be going on a hike, if the weather co-ops. And we will be doing that more often now that the trails are not frozen. One of our favorite places, Walnut Woods State Park, was closed due to flooding. I hope to go there soon as well.

And we will be taking Shadow (1 year old Golden) to the vet this week for her heart worm meds and probably getting her spayed as well. She has been marking her territory on the carpet, and may have a UTI. Can you say stinky? We'll find out soon what is going on. Either way she needs to get on heart worm meds and is due for a check up.

Next weekend we'll be finishing our kitchen. The counter will be coming in this week. We are so thrilled and grateful. Doing dishes in the bathroom is a pain. And we miss having a kitchen counter. But we love our kitchen cabinets; it makes it all worth it. I'll post photos once everything is complete.

I'll be posting lots of spring photos in April!

Happy chirpy, giggly, flowering days to all...



Jack said...

I am sooo happy that spring is here as well.


GreenRanchingMom said...

YEAH!! sounds like tons of jun going out on the bikes as a family! And the finished kitchen will be great too!!