Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's here! And other news

Our kitchen counter top is in! We're going to get it tonight. And Shadow has a UTI. She is on meds and will be good as new soon. She's getting spayed in 3 weeks. We're going on a muddy hike in a bit and it is a cloudy week here so far. But life is going great. And to my WoW friends: I hit level 50 on my WoW toon. I also have a Death Knight on the Venture Co realm. Exciting times I tell ya! The kids and I have been finding some interesting things to do around here. Cliff is busy writing research papers for school and is winding down the semester. Yay! Also, the dried animal head we found the other day is a rabbit head, not a squirrel. I took photos. But I will spare you until it is just a skull. It gives a whole new meaning to Peter Cottontail. That is the fastest update ever...

Smiles and laughter,

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