Friday, March 20, 2009

Yesterday's road trip

Yesterday, instead of our normal park day, we were all invited to the farm of one of the park day mamas, Mama P. She lives about an hour away in the middle of nowhere. It was divine! What I thought was cool was when we got near her place we saw a sign telling us to watch for horse drawn buggies (Amish). It was a perfect sunny spring day (50 something). All four of us moms, Cliff, and 10 kids hung out by their pond/lake for about an hour or more. Cliff spotted a muskrat stick its head out of the lake/pond for air. Most of us got to see it a few times as it swam over to its dam. Camden and MamaP's oldest girl had fun pouring water from the lake onto themselves. The other kids ran all around us with the Australian Shepherd, Hobbit. Holden now wants that kind of dog too. The coolest thing was getting to see someone we hadn't seen in a long time. She lives kinda far away and she is new to unschooling, and she's a farmer too. I love that new to unschooling excitement. And her kids are adorable! Plus we got to hang out with some newer friends who actually live in the same town outside of Des Moines as us. My boys really like her boys a lot.

None of the kids wanted to leave when it was time to go. It was a really fabulous day. I am looking forward to many more get togethers with friends. I was sad that I forgot my camera at home by accident. It is usually in my purse, and I left it by the computer. I'm so glad Cliff was able to go. I didn't even ask him to go. I don't think he wanted to miss out on the fun. My favorite part of the farm (besides the outdoors) was the homemade apple pie from handpicked apples and ice cream on the side. Thanks for the fun MamaP! Hopefully we'll get to see Sugar Creek Farm next time (another park day friend).

Happy first offical day of spring in the U.S.!



Mama Podkayne said...


I had an excellent time too. You all are welcome anytime!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you!!! ;o)

GreenRanchingMom said...

I had fun too! You all give me such confidence that I too can do this! (teach my girls)