Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice skating videos

We are just beginners here, so nothing earth shattering! Yesterday was only Holden's 3rd time ice skating. He loves it more than roller skating. I asked him if he wanted me to video him and he said yes. I waited until after he was warmed up. Ice skating is really easy for kids to learn. I learned how when I was a teen in Houston. We had a huge upscale mall with an ice skating rink in the middle. Both my boys are in pretty good shape. They are both so healthy thanks to the liquid gold they had from birth on through toddler hood. I'm grateful to have such handsome, smart, and funny kids.

We are really lucky to have indoor and outdoor ice skating here and lots of roller skating rinks as well. I prefer roller skating, but I do like being outside, so ice skating ice nice too.

Below are the two videos I made with my camera. They show the rink and a little bit of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The Skyline is blocked by the rink bathrooms, so you can't see it well. But I got a good shot of the Des Moines river and of Holden ice skating. It was a beautiful sunny day. It hasn't been a gloomy winter here, just cold. It's always fun to get out and about with the happy winter energy. The Des Moines Winter Games were going on here this weekend. It sounded like a lot of fun winter times for people. I am not much a sports enthusiast, but for the people who are, I think it's great.

Happy February and Happy Groundhog Day!! I'm not surprised that we have six more weeks of winter. I'm not even sad. O.k. just a little.

Love and smiles,
Heather xoxox

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