Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guess who's not a puppy anymore?

We adopted Shadow when she was 4 months old. I had no idea how much I was going love her. I also had no idea how expensive she was going to be. Chew bones, toys, vet visits, dog training, dog food, dog brush, chewed up toys, chewed up shoes and coats, leashes to buy, and her collar alone has all together been a small fortune. Not to mention she was not cheap since she is full bred. Cliff really wanted a Golden Retriever! Having a dog is a huge responsibility. But she is a part of the family and we take her care seriously.

Last week we had quite a surprise from Shadow. She hit puberty! She is not fixed yet, since she is a pure bred and we could (But most likely won't) breed her one day. I had smashed and cut my pinky in the frig doors the day before, so when I saw a drop of blood on the floor Holden said it was from me. But the blood was fresh. Holden and Cliff wanted a dog more than anything, so guess who is our new doggy booty wiper when daddy is not home, b/c mommy gets sick from the sight of blood? And guess who is getting a real life lesson in the puberty of girl dogs? She only has to be wiped once a day or so. And I actually had Cliff clean up all the other blood spots. We are a good team! And Shadow is one lucky teen dog! I think she knows it.

Happy day from the luckiest and cutest hiney wipers you know!

~Heather xoxox


Karen said...

She's a beautiful dog, Heather.
Please reconsider breeding her, though. The dog over population in this country is horrendous.

Forgive my butinsky comment!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I totally agree with you Karen! Our last dog was a pure bred too and we waited until she was four to fix her, but she never had puppies. I think I just have a hard time putting an animal under the knife, even tho' I get it. Cliff is the one who may want her to have one litter and than get her fixed. I doubt it will happen. I don't think I can handle all the blood every month. She is only 10 months old right now.

Karen said...

We still have to get Ivy fixed sometime in the next couple of months. It's so darn expensive, though. Being a large breed dog, I think we're also going to have her stomach tacked to the side (on the inside) since large breed dogs are prone to bloat. She can still bloat, but tacking the stomach prevents it from twisting.
Gives me the willies just thinking about it!