Monday, February 2, 2009

Melt downs

We had a heat wave over the weekend! It was nice to have some warmer winter days. We made ice candles last week. I deflated over my biggest one when I looked outside and it was just a puddled of red water around my candle. But it was kind of funny too.

Saturday we spent part of the day looking at cabinets at an auction warehouse. It took us awhile to find the place, but they were filled with cabinets. It was cold inside that building too! It was called Greenfield's Auction house or something like that. We found a decent set of Armstrong cabinets, but it didn't have any drawers and we would need a corner piece. The set was $1200. We could buy the extra pieces we need from the maker for probably $500 extra. That was a let down and nerve wrecking. But it was a learning experience. We got some good advice from the man who was helping us. The scariest realization is that we would still need to buy a dishwasher, counter top, and pay to have the dish waster hooked up. But where there's a will there's a way, right?

I had a mommy melt down on Saturday night. I decided to go shopping for a new swim suit for the waterpark gathering later this month in MN. I came home without a suit, but lots of other things that I found on sale. I can't believe the swim suit I liked (and not even loved) was $78 at Kohl's. I used to choke when they were $50!! When I got home Holden had a friend over and I felt less like cranky. Holden's friend spent the night and it was a fun evening for us all. All three boys laughed and goofed around a lot. I made brownies and that was hit.

Sunday morning I took the dog for a walk. I offered to take Holden with me, but he insisted he didn't think it was a good idea b/c all the ice on the roads and side walks. I insisted it would be fine after the melting that occurred the day before. When I got home I relayed to him that I fell on my butt big time b/c the ice and it was a good thing he didn't come. I underestimated that everything would refreeze over night. It all melted by the afternoon though. But froze again, I'm sure last night.

Sunday afternoon I had planned to take both boys roller skating with the coupons I found from Holden's birthday party in December. Instead Holden and I went ice skating since it was so nice out. Camden stayed home with daddy. Cliff did homework on and off all weekend. He's been swamped with papers and homework lately. Holden and I had fun ice skating and it was only a little crowded at first. I took a few videos of Holden ice skating. Lucky readers, you will get to see more fine productions of mine soon. lol. When we came home Camden had a friend over. They were playing with Legos and had made a fort in the basement. Holden's friends had come over looking for him too.

Cliff went to a Super Bowl party and I was glad the boys didn't want to go because I was too tired to go due to my previous two nights of staying up late, not followed up with much rest. Cliff came home right after the game and helped read to the boys. We all snuggled and then I passed out hard. I'm looking forward to another week with all my boys.

I better go do my yoga before little ones wake up. This was longer than I had planned on.


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