Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award....

Last night I was given my first blog award from sweet Julia. I am supposed to award it to someone else now. I have many blogs that I love to read! And it was hard for me to decide which one I wanted to pass this award to. So I thought I'd try to give some love to someone who hasn't received a blog award, and someone that I adore! And the person I want it to go to is Karen of the Wild Tribe. She is someone I strive to be like, and she has 3 boys. She sets a wonderful example of a fun and caring mom and wife. I just can't say enough about Karen. She and her family just embarked on a wonderful journey and I am so happy for her! Happy trails, Karen and guys! She also sets a wonderful example of balance. I've seen her in action and she is remarkable. She knows when she needs to take a mommy time out to be alone or with friends and family. And she knows when she needs to give to her marriage. Thanks for all you do Karen. It is appreciated.

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