Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mommy the spy

Am I a bad person for spying with my camera and recording my boys playing together? I have been getting such a kick out of spying on my boys lately. They crack me up!!! Some of the stuff they say is inappropriate outside of our home, so I can't post the video here. LOL. Sometimes they fight and sometimes the surprise the heck out me with their humor with each other. Holden has been telling me some cool stuff too--like things he has learned on his own and other things about our home. He says all his friends love our house and say it is the coolest. He's been giving me lots of hugs out of the blue. Maybe I am finally evolving from 50% ogre mommy to 90% of the mommy I have been striving to be for about 7 years. I am still 10% ogre at times. When they fight, I just get freak out at times. Other times I deal with it o.k. But more and more of the time they are getting along. It is awesome! We are getting ready to go somewhere for some Saturday fun. It is WINDY today. Not exactly the warm up I had hoped for. But I'll take it. Enjoy the short, short taste of my spying...what a thrill! Happy Saturday!

Love and laughter,
Heather xoxox


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Make that 2 awards...
I am giving you the tree of happiness award. Tell us 6 things that make you happy and then pass it on.
You can get the picture from my blog!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you!!! I am speechless. I loved what you wrote on your blog. Very cool for passing it on. I will pass it on tomorrow for sure.