Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy to be married to a handy man

It was a great morning and afternoon here. We had some MUCH needed down time and family time this morning. Then I took the boys sledding this afternoon since it was so nice out today and Cliff stayed home to write a paper. We were having so much fun sledding we decided to come home with our friends afterward, and have hot cocoa, then go back outside. We were going to see the snow mobilers on the frozen lake we could hear zooming around when we were on a nearby hill. Unfortunately, when I went to start my van (our only working vehicle) it wouldn't start and I was too wore out to walk to the lake. So the most awesome husband in the world has been working on our van issues for about 3 hours now. After consulting with a super nice mechanic, we think it is the starter. Cliff is off to the part store to have our starter tested. It has never been replaced and that is probably the problem, because the battery is new. So both Cliff and I feel like taking a sledgehammer to the van. But all in all we are not too worried. We hope to get the van running so Cliff can get to class in the morning. It could be worse! And for that we are grateful. And I am so happy I have a handy man. If he weren't I'd be working outside the home or we'd be without a car.

Also, I was given a second blogger award last night! Can you believe it? I am supposed to name six things I like about my life and then pass the award onto 6 people. I think it is called the happy tree award or tree of happiness. When I get time I will do that. I already know who I am passing the award to. But right now I have two really tired boys and one tired mama.

I'll leave you with one of our short sledding videos. We were the only ones there and when we left there were several other families from the area, and a friend of ours joined us.

Happy days and nights to all!


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