Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tree of Happiness Award

The awesome, Jean Dorsey at Heart Rockin Family gave me this award. It not only made me smile, but it made me feel so honored. Thank you, Jean for reading my blog and for the award. I love checking in with your blog too. I haven't met Jean IRL but she is someone I would love to meet some day.

So, I need to list 6 things that make me happy. Some of these things will look familiar to Jean. I am changing some of my reasons at least.

1. My husband. He is my partner for life and he is a devoted father to our boys. We love chit chatting and having fun. He enjoys the way we "educate" our kids through everyday living and learning. He is really sexy too and loves to flirt with me. I am a lucky lady.

2. My boys and Shadow. They bring me so much joy and happiness. They teach me so much about myself, and the world. They are fun, interesting, smart, and so much more. I love my boys and dog, Shadow.

3. My ever growing and expanding unschooling tribe. Those I have the pleasure of knowing in person, and those I've yet to meet in real life. They make me laugh and grow everyday.

4. The choices Cliff and I have made for our family. We have so much time to spend together, creating the life we all love. We are making such great memories.

5. The internet. We love using Google, I love blogging, and we love connecting with friends and family through the internet. We loving playing internet games like WoW. Anything we want to know is just a few clicks away. Our family members and friends like seeing what we are up to through this blog or other blogs we have. It is awesome.

6. My camera. I love my camera and capturing moments in time to share with loved ones far way and for keepsakes.


Now, I will tag six people whose blogs I love reading daily/weekly/monthly (how ever often they feel like posting). I have other bloggers I love and love to read, so if I get more awards I will pass them onto those cool people who have touched my heart and soul. You know who you are:

1. Snavley Freebirds...Alaskan mom who has three unschooled kids. She teaches yoga and is one cool mama I'd love to meet up with. Or at least do a nature exchange with. We keep forgetting. LOL.

2. Toteleeding...Her daily posts with photos make me laugh my butt off. She is super sweet in real life and a heck of a writer and cook/baker/gardener too.

3. Sparkling Martins...This mama makes me so envious. She seems to have it all. She really does sparkle, too. She is quite an inspiration.

4. Fuhkaui Family...Great photographer and funny writer as well. She is a travelling mama I love to hang with whenever possible. Her husband is super cool and so are her kids. Love them!

5. Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity ...You have to see his blog to understand. I was fortunate to stumble upon it when he first started it. He is a Harvard Grad who is retiring young from being a lawyer. He is going for a more simple life and his blog has been very neat to see unfold over the past six months or so.

6. Derfwad Manor...this mama knows how to make me laugh and many others as well! I read her blog just for the pure fun of it. I know she homeschools her kids, but other than that her blog is not really about her kids. Her kids are older.


Dayna Martin said...
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Dayna Martin said...

I'm so honored Heather. Thank you so very much! Your words touched my heart. I read them to my husband & children and they thought that the award was so cool! (((hugs)))

~Peace & Love, Dayna

Mrs. G. said...

Thank you so much!

Karen said...

Oh, my gosh, Heather! Thank you sooo much. I don't think I've ever been given such a sweet award or kind compliment ever... ever.

Snavleys said...

Thank you so much Heather! I have to admit that I'm not too good with these tagged things. I'm on my way to Chicago on Friday and have a ton to do. If I get the chance when I get back I will sit down and give it some thought. Thanks again!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm honored to know you all through the world of blogging! Glad you feel special.