Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking like Antartica here in Iowa

Cliff finally got the van working yesterday. The boys and I made it to see Willy Wonka at the Des Moines Playhouse this morning as planned. It was a packed house and a good time. The show was colorful and interesting. They updated it to bring it to this century. They made fun of gamers and TV enthusiasts though in the play. It was funny though. After that we went to our chiropractor in Waukee. My lower back had been twisted for far too long. Then we had to rush home to give the van back to Cliff. He had to go talk to a teacher at his school since he missed school on Monday, and had a paper due. But it was a fun afternoon at the lake. It was the first time we have been there this winter, although it is only a few blocks away. I couldn't resist bringing the camera for a video and some photos. As if our day wasn't busy enough Shadow had doggy school tonight. I am ready for bed! LOL. And I did not watch the inauguration on TV since we were busy as bees, and I don't watch a lot of TV anyhow. We watch a lot of movies though. Swing Vote is on my list this week. Should be a great time to talk politics. Lots of people did watch the inauguration today and many people participated in today's events. It is really inspiring. It was an important day for many. I hope Obama lives up to at least half of his expectations of himself, and I wish he and his family happiness and success in D.C. I may watch his speech on Youtube. I often like to do that just to get the basics of what I want to see.

Holden was laying down here because he was wore out after chasing Shadow down. Shadow took off when we were at the lake. He volunteered to get her. I didn't have on snow boots so I had to walk around another way to meet them. It was annoying, but that is life. She was saying hi to a howling, lonely kenneled dog outside and near the lake. She's such a friendly girl!

Life aint bad! It may be warmer here over the next few days which will change our arctic wonderland to mud. And winter is flying by! I hope I am still saying that in March. :)

Love and laughter,

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