Monday, January 19, 2009

One hardworking man

Just wanted to say how much I love my husband!!! He has kept his temper about our minivan today. He missed school because the van won't start and his newer (1990 Accord) clunker is going to the junkyard soon. He changed the battery and the starter last night and that wasn't the problem. A neighbor spotted some wires under the van that could be the problem. This morning that kind neighbor drove Cliff to a local junkyard to get some parts. I am positive he will get the van going soon. It is just one of those things, and I am antsy to give him a huge hug when he gets out of his wet and greasy thermal suit this afternoon. It is about 16 degrees outside this morning, and he is such a trooper! We will have two vehicles again soon, but in the meantime we have to keep our sense of humor and attitude in check.

Love to the world today, it is Martin Luther King Jr. day! It is a cool week for our country with a new president being sworn in soon. Safe travels to all out there going to the inauguration.

Love and laughter,
Heather xoxox

Photo was taken in Iraq in 2008. Cliff is on the right.


Grand Life said...

So happy to find your blog and so glad your husband is home safe from Iraq. Your children are adorable. I'll visit you often.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm glad you found me too! I like your blog too! Very cute! Thanks for the shout out!