Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice candle and Fetch with a Chunk It

This is a completed ice candle. I did this one way different, but not by choice. The dog messed up this creation. Oh well, it doesn't stay lit outside for long anyway. I packed snow around it just for fun. We started two new ones tonight. I am doing them way different.

Shadow LOVES playing fetch and so do I. But I picked the wrong time of year to get started. We have lost three tennis balls. I found one tonight I thought was lost until spring! But then I lost it again in the neighbor's back yard behind us. I either have to climb the fence to get it (yeah right) or beg one of my boys to bundle up to go get it. I am the only one who seems to want to play fetch, besides Shadow. Sometimes she just wants to chew the ball or play keep away. She's a rascal.

Shadows new chunk it and ball. I love it! The only problem is I have to keep it inside the fence and from going over the house. It goes far with this and it doesn't hurt my arm. It is fun seeing how far I can make it go. The only problem is finding it afterward.

The things kids, I mean dogs, put into their mouths. She actually dug this one out of a six inches of snow. It had a huge hunk of snow frozen to it from being there all night. It was like a frozen treat for her.

Every day there is something new here with the boys. Cliff is amazed at all they are learning. Tonight he relayed what a friend of his told him Saturday after completing the installation of our furnace. His friend commented on how smart our boys are and couldn't believe their vocabulary. I didn't notice his friend paying special attention to our boys, but apparently he was impressed enough to tell Cliff his opinion. Not that we were asking. And he didn't tell us anything we didn't know. I believe all kids are really gifted and talented in some way. All we have to do it pay attention. We don't push our kids to be any certain way. We pride ourselves on letting them be who they are. And all is going great! We love them and are very proud of them no matter what.

Love and light on a dark and cold night here.
~Heather XOXOX

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