Sunday, December 7, 2008

Guys and dolls (and mom)

We made a short video about the lovely Hina dolls! I hope you enjoy it! We are still very excited about the upcoming trade for the dolls and are trying to get the word out about them. Heather is making a Squidoo about them and learning some other skills to help get some attention to our other blog, A Bus 4 A Bus. These dolls are so precious. Hopefully we will have them traded by March 3rd, the day of the Japanese Doll Festival which these types of dolls are displayed to honor the health of the daughters living in the house. The festival is also called the Peach Blossom Festival because in Japan peach blossoms are a sign of health. If you look closely at the dolls there are several potted peach trees in the case.

Over the past few years we have been trading items, working torward an RV. My hope is to travel part-time sometime in the near future. Right now seems like the perfect time to get the word out and let people know about our intentions and status of our current item up for trade.

Much gratitude to all!

~Cliff, Heather, and boys (<=

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