Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday bash

The birthday bash for Holden was really fun!!! I never want to make my son feel like he has to share his big day with me, but I do love roller skating, so I felt like it was my party too. Tomorrow is my 36th birthday and I feel so happy to share the spotlight with Holden. I let him (and everyone else) think the party was for him. And since I don't like the whole gift exchange stuff (awkward) it works out great! The food and cake were yummy, the skating was fun, and we are all feeling good after the energy release. My favorite part was when we all got called out to the rink and Holden had to answer questions on the mic. It was hilarious! They asked him what grade he was in....he forgot he is in 1st grade (we don't really talk about what grade we're in at our house). And then they asked him if he likes first grade. He said "yes." They asked if his friends were from school and again he took the easy way out and said "yes." And the long birthday candles were a riot. Three of Holden's friends rode home with us and stayed for a bit. It was hard to let go after all the fun at the rink.

We're all going to sleep really awesome tonight! Now I gotta go finish washing puke sheets from Friday night and make the bed. LOL. My room will smell so much better now since it already smells like dog poop and pine soll. Our beautiful dog decided she needed to potty when we were gone and the master bedroom was the best place to relieve herself. Poor thing!

Gratitude to all and for all!


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