Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random thoughts and grandma news

(Photos from last week)

We had a really awesome weekend celebrating Cliff's birthday! I think it was the best birthday he had in a long time. As a family we went bowling in the afternoon. It was fun, even if it was pretty cold! It was in the 30s that day. And then in the evening Cliff and I went on a date. A neighbor watched the boys.

I haven't been taking many photos this week. My hands are numb from the 40 degree temp change! LOL. And I have the sniffles. But we are doing well and are happy. I don't want to leave the house unless I have to. It is going to take a little longer for my blood to thicken. (Can you say shock to the system?) Good thing the boys have friends who come over and friends they walk over to see. We keep our heat set on 63 to conserve. Hot tea and hot cocoa is a staple item around here.

I'm so cold I don't even feel like blogging right now. I want to go cuddle with my little boys, hubby, and dog. We need to get our wood burning stove pipe fixed and I will be in hog heaven! Actually, we are having an energy efficient furnace put in next weekend. It has been sitting in our basement for awhile. So we may not have to freeze all winter. I may bump it up to 65. LOL.

The boys still go outside to play some. Camden played outside a lot today, despite the fact that he didn't want to wear a coat. I didn't argue. I figured if he was cold enough he'd put one on. And he did eventually. Cliff had to work on his new beater car. It needed spark plugs, wires, and some other things fine tuned. And he had a lot of homework. But it was still a really good weekend to just take it easy, play WoW with the kids and hubby--and watch movies. Oh, and Cliff watched some football. It felt like a good weekend to just enjoy the moment. So, that is what we did.

I'm still adjusting to doing indoor play more than outdoor. More clean up. More noise. But it is nice to switch gears. I was going non-stop outdoors for awhile. I knew the cold was going to come. And it did! We had flurries on Friday and we may see snow this week here in central Iowa.

And if we are lucky Cliff and I will have our grandmothers for a while longer. His is in the hospital and he went to see her today. My grandmother is at home after being in the hospital for a week. Life throws these curve balls. It makes me try to take nothing for granted. Both boys are growing up so fast. I think about life from the viewpoint of an elderly person in a hospital bed, and wonder if they may be taking their last breaths. It all went by so fast, they think. What would they have done differently? Funny how some days I really think too much into things.

My hands are freezing! I am going to get warm now. :)

Gratitude for all and to all...




Snavleys said...

You are cracking me up! You just gotta dress warmer girl. We've been sitting right around 27 degrees. My kids play outside even at below zero. Gotta bundle up and enjoy it and if you keep moving you will stay warm:)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am not as cold today. But I will make an effort to dress warmer (even wear a hat inside if I have to. LOL.)

I think going form 70s to 30s was too much for my whimpy butt. But I think I'll adjust!

Thanks, Heidi, Mrs. Alaska, for your sympathy. I'm glad someone out there is braver than me! Hopefully you can inspire me to get moving outdoors again! I tried to walk the dog today and I had forgotten my gloves. Uggg.


Jack said...

Stay Warm! BTW, is the doggie a lab mix?


Heather's Moving Castle said...


I feel warmer today for some reason :)

Our dog is a Golden Retriever. She is very light colored. We love her! Although she needs some training. That is in the works soon.