Friday, November 7, 2008

Three months poo free now

For anyone out there wondering about my no (sham)poo experiment, here is an update. I just realized shampoo is a perfect name for the product because it is a sham. Sorry big businesses and small ones who market all the glory of shampoo. I've been poo free over three months and I have no regrets. My hair looks totally healthy and clean. The only bump I've had was the other day when I went to get a bang trim at a salon and they sprayed a chemical in my hair to wet it. I was oily all day after that and I had the worst hair day! And I even got my drivers license renewed that day. Terrible timing because now I have a really ugly photo to live with for awhile. LOL. And when I went to wash my hair the next day with baking soda and then apple cider vinegar I didn't do a thorough enough job to get the chemicals out. Therefore, I had another bad hair day. My face and back were oily and gross on top of it all. It was like going back to shampoo use. I don't miss the oily scalp and face problem I had when I used shampoo. No matter what type of shampoo and conditioner I used from a store, or salon, I had this problem.

So, that is my update. I know you're thrilled! I estimate I have saved at least $20 in hair products since then, and at least $20 in haircuts since I can go longer between haircuts now that my hair is not getting matted and filmy. Not to mention the chemicals that are not going back into the earth. I can't say I am totally green, but I am doing a few things to help.

My kids are 'poo free' now too. Their hair has never looked softer, shinier and healthy than it does now. They have been poo free for a few months. I just use baking soda once in awhile when they have somthing to wash out of their hair. They love it and I love it because they hated shampoo anyway. It was just a big waste of time and energy to fight them to wash their hair. Water is really all they need 99% of the time.

See this article for more details about 'no poo':
Do you no poo?

Happy Friday!!



Jessica said...

I'm still poo free also.. love the way you described sham-poo! LOL :)

I use hair conditioner alone & am thinking that maybe I'll try baking soda again & see if I prefer that over the conditioner... will have to go re-read the poo-free site!

BTW, I still haven't gotten around to using the hair color, but I will!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Congrats on trying the experiment! My gut told me for a long time that shampoo was a waste of money. I just couldn't prove it w/o the help of some informed mamas!! :)

I just ordered my 5 (or 6th) of Naturtint. I still like it and can't wait to color my hair agsin!!