Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pour some sugar (and advice) on me

Yes! Yes! Yes! I want some TLC. I am in excruciating pain and want to call 911. I think I have an ulcer. It is a pain I have been trying to ignore for a year now. It started only bugging one night every 3 or so months. Then it started every month for one night. And it is happening again tonight. The thing is, I am terrified to go to the doctor. I screwed up and ate terrible today! Greasy, spicy stuff. Has anyone out there every self treated an ulcer? I am going to call a few trusted resources on Monday, or go to the ER if it doesn't go away soon. But I am DYING to know tonight how to feel better. I have tried all I can think of. I have puked, cried, ate, puked, cried, heating pad, antacids--puked 'em up. I tried something else too. Not sure it helps. I forgot the name of it though. I am scared to ever go through this again. It is like child birth. I promise I will take better care of myself! I say that every time! I am worried this could be gall bladder or pancreatic attacks. I bet I will end up at a dreaded doctor office on Monday. :( But I will think positive. It can only get better from there, right?!

That is all I can handle for now. I can barely sit up straight to type.

Much gratitude in advance for any TLC or advice.



zamozo said...

I bet it's your gall bladder. I had very similar symptoms. I ended up not eating for about ten days until I could have elective gall bladder surgery -- ah, relief! I fit the profile beautifully - white, overweight, middle-aged, female. I'd recently lost a lot of weight, changing my diet drastically. My gall bladder wasn't terribly inflamed or full of stones, just filling up with "sludge." My surgeon didn't think that surgery was mandatory but I did. I couldn't eat! Before I was diagnosed I thought I had an ulcer too. I quit all NSAIDs - didn't help. My doctor prescribed antacids - didn't work. Finally, I couldn't bare to eat at all. I ate and drank clear liquids/jello for 10 days until my surgery. Surgery was outpatient, laprascopic. Recovery wasn't much fun but I could eat again and living without a gall bladder has been no problem. Go to your regular Doc. if you can, to avoid the huge expense of ER -- try not eating, except for clear liquids, until you can see a Doc on Monday - if that doesn't help, it might be something else. If you're in as much pain as you described, you should probably go to the ER!

Deanne said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering like this. I'll keep you in my prayers that the cause and solution are easily found and that you'll be 100% better SOON! ((((Heather))))

Sharon said...

I am so sorry and it does sound like you need to go to the Dr. That being said I have a duodenal ulcer and here is what my experience has been:

After all the nasty, tedious, expensive tests (I too hate going to the doctor!) the treatment basically amounted to maximum strength pepcid 2x a day and a bland diet. It seems that in a lot of cases (like mine) the ulcer never completely heals so I am symptom free until I eat something taboo and then I restart the pepcid bland food thing and within 2 or 3 days I am feeling better. My pain is toward the left under my ribs and feels like terrible spasms. My concern in telling you this is what if you have something more serious that needs attention? An ulcer, while painful, is generally not too serious but if you start vomiting blood or run a fever I WOULD probably go to the ER.

I hope thats all it is! Good luck and when you are feeling better please update us.

Sharon said...

I should have written toward my RIGHT side and under my ribs! Sorry.

kelli said...

I hate the doctor too but it sounds like maybe you should go in. I'm sorry you're going through this. I've had a history of stomach issues too and it really does suck!

Hope you can figure out what it is and you are feeling better soon!

Karen said...

Oh, Heather!
I hope you can find some relief!
I agree with everyone that a doctor's visit is definitely called for - wishing you a quick recovery!

moyerles said...

Heather, I had gall bladder surgery, too, and your symptoms do sound like it could be that. As bad as it hurts, it's not life-threatening so waiting a day could help. On the other hand, they wanted me to come in DURING an attack because it's easier to diagnose then, so I did visit the emergency room. If your insurance is good, you should probably considering going in now. Everything Chris wrote applies.

If it is an ulcer, they treat those with antibiotics these days, I think. Acidophilus can help (and it can't hurt if it's your gall bladder).

My gall bladder surgery was SO easy compared to surgeries I'd had 15 years before. Recovery was (comparably) a cinch, too.

Good luck!

Sharon said...

Moyerles is right, if its an ulcer you will need to take a course of antibiotics too.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm going to make a new post about what happened today. Thank you all for the advice and TLC. It is very appreciated. I am sorry to others who are in my boat or were. I had no idea how common all this is!