Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Supercam or Spidercam (see shirt)

(Superman is always saving speeding trains.)

It has been a really full week here. Camden is loving being four! Monday we went to a state park with the dog, then went on a train ride. It was an awesome day.

Yesterday we went to see The Hobbit at a local playhouse with fellow homeschoolers. I'm so grateful for other moms who help coordinate such fun events. My boys and I loved it! Camden sat mostly quietly for two hours during the play. I was amazed at how much he would enjoy it. I'm looking forward to the next play! We ran into one of the cast members at a small Chinese Restaurant about an hour later. It was neat to talk to him about the play.

Now we're off for another afternoon in the sun. It is a perfect fall day here! I can't wait to get some photos. If all goes well we'll have one more superkid with us when we come home. :) Holden has a friend coming home with us to stay the night.

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