Thursday, October 9, 2008

Proud as I can be

(Ledges State Park in Madrid, Iowa)

I took a break last Saturday from the birthday party preparations to go on a guided hike at my favorite nearby county woods conservation. The 400 plus acre preserve is run by the local county conservation. I learned a lot of cool facts about the woods I love. I also learned that Iowa is the only state in the U.S. with county parks in every county with county conservation offices in every county of our state. I am so proud of Iowa for that! Iowa has 99 counties. I Googled that info.

(My boys at a state park on Monday. They were observing the many millipedes they found near the rocks.)

(250 year old burr oak tree at the county park I live nearest)

(70 other proud people showed up for the guided tour. Thankfully they had two guided tours. It was informative and funny. Thank you Iowa for preserving so much for our us! It is a good use of tax payers money. It may feel like the best free entertainment, but it is not free.)

My kids and I have found a small waterfall at this county park and several paths to creeks. We love the wood bridge there and all old trees.

Happy trails to all...



juliecache said...

If you go off trail, you can go to the river. It's very cool. There is also a 'face tree.' It's a little creepy. I have asked about having visitors. The field trip would be Wed. I'll put in a phone call if I do not hear by Mon. after noon.

juliecache said...

there are also large puffball mushrooms back there.