Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chillin' out and game playing

We're just chilling out here! I've been drinking a lot of hot tea to stay warm lately. The kids love their hot cocoa and the dog still wants her daily walks. I took her on a long hike yesterday. All of us, except Camden, are learning to play WoW. It has been a fun family past time. We have a friend who is helping us figure the game out. Plus Holden figured a lot out for a 6 year old. The kids' friends have enjoyed watching us.

We have had the crankies and sick bugs here, but hopefully that is behind us for a bit. The weather will be turning more decent for a few days this week and we are excited about Halloween. I have no idea what I will be yet. The kids have costumes already.

I'm itching to go someplace warm or get together with other unschoolers. We have some fun gatherings planned in the future, so I can't wait. We're hoping to see family this Christmas in Texas. We will plan to bring the dog. That should be interesting. :)

We missed a birthday party today, which would have been a fun family outing. I was sorry to miss it. Hopefully our chillin' out this weekend will pay off, and we will get out some this week when the weather is decent.

We've had only one car this past week. It wasn't too hard to juggle. But it looks like we may have a solution to the car problem soon. Cliff had to do a lot of extra errands when he was out since he had the car most of the time. I think he missed me doing the shopping. But it was nice to have a break to get well when I was sick with the flu.

Warm wishes to all for a happy Halloween!

~Heather ;)


Sharon said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon!

(That bottom shot is great!)

Deanne said...

"I'm itching to go someplace warm or get together with other unschoolers."

Well, if you guys want to come visit us in warm FL, just say when! ;)

Heather's Moving Castle said...
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Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sharon~ I love that pic as well! And I am better. Thanks!

Deanne~ I am half tempted to show up down there! My husband asked me if you live near D World. I told him I'd find out. Not that that matters. LOL. We can dream, right? Thanks for the offer. It could happen one day.

~Heather ;)