Friday, October 31, 2008

No crisis happening here

Last night was the designated night in our town to go door to door for treats. It was a lot of fun! I was so surprised to see both boys sprinting from house to house. We invited some friends over for dinner and they went door to door with us. We had a lot of laughs! On Wednesday we went to a really beautiful farm with animals, Christmas trees, a wagon ride, corn maze, and a pumpkin patch. The boys and I had a wonderful time. I'm sad to see one of my favorite holidays be over, but I am excited about the awesome weather we are having! Every day there is something to be totally grateful for.

This week my grandmother (95) in Austin, TX went into the hospital. I was half wondering if she was going to die over Halloween. Almost the same day she went in Cliff's grandmother in Iowa broke a hip. So far they are both holding strong. We have so much to be thankful for.

We now have three cars. Cliff got an old Honda Accord to drive to school every day. It gets great gas mileage. He is going to sell his other car. But it is nice to have my own car again. We were just sharing one while the other was broke down. The car he is selling is not worth a lot but hopefully someone can appreciate how hardy it is. It gets terrible gas mileage, but it starts.

Cliff's birthday is in one week and we are going to think of something to make his day special! All is well here at our place. Just wore out from all the festivities. But nothing to worry about. We're happy and have much to celebrate!

Happy Halloween and grateful vibes to all my friends, family, husband, and even you!!

Much love to all!!


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