Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turn on the lights!

We had a quiet anniversary yesterday. We watched a funny DVD, I walked the dog, and we made a special dinner. Late last night I started feeling ill. So I am taking some down time. Thankfully Cliff is able to help out now that mid-terms are over. He is home more this week. Hopefully I'll feel well tomorrow afternoon. If all goes well we are taking some friends to the science center with us. It has been dreary here a few days and I am trying to adjust to the cooler temps and darkness.

We had an awesome time at the haunted houses on Sunday! Holden said it was the best time of his life. The haunted house is at a place that hosts a Ren Faire every year; it is complete with castles. It is really secluded and spooky at night. They have a haunted walk and hayrack ride like nothing I've ever seen. We went to a restaurant before we went to the haunted house. We were serenaded by a mariachi band. It was romantic, even if the kids were there.

All is well here. We are busy pouring ourselves into our interests, friends, and the Halloween season.

Much peace to all...
~Heather ;)

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