Friday, September 5, 2008

Poo free update

Just want to give a quick update about the (sham)poo free experiment. I have been poo free for about 30 days. My boys have been mostly poo free as well and they love it. As far as I know Cliff is poo free as well. His head still feels less oily and he seems to feel a difference. He has not complained to me about my hair or the boys. We are clean. Just poo free. I am still using baking soda on my roots and face. I rinse it then spray in apple cider vinegar on the ends of my hair. I leave that on for a few minutes and then I rinse it out. I sometimes put conditioner on my ends with the vinegar and then rinse or leave in.

Maybe I'll have to try that soap for hair some of my friends have tried. But for now I am satisfied with how this is going.

My hair has grown at least a few inches since I had it cut in mid-June. The goal was for me to go at least three months w/o a haircut. And it is going fine. With shampoo my hair never made it this long. I would normally have got a haircut a month ago or longer.

I'm getting my hair trimmed on Tuesday (I love getting my hair trimmed). Then I'm going to color it again with Naturtint. I bought a brown color over the summer, and I guess that is what will be next. I'm not thrilled, but I'm sure it will be nice to be brown again. Change is nice. It's been almost two months since I colored my hair a reddish color. I could go longer or just dye the roots. But I can never seem to stay with one color.

Enough about me. Anyone else out there trying this experiment? How's it going?

~Heather xoxox

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