Friday, September 5, 2008

Pelican festival and other news

I'm trying to decide if I want to take my boys to a pelican festival about 25 miles from here on Sunday. It is near a lake and the pelicans stop there on their way south for the winter. I've never been and it sounds fun. Cliff has Navy Reserve duty this weekend, so I am trying to think of something interesting if the weather is decent. But we may just stay home and relax. That is always fun too.

All is going well for Cliff. His shoulder seems to be doing o.k. He still has therapy every week for it. He is taking college classes about half an hour away. He goes five mornings a week and two nights a week. He is taking biology, Spanish, English, and history. He has his hands full, but he is doing well so far. When he is not working on school he is following his favorite topic, besides sports: Election 2008. We have had a lot of interesting discussions in our house. I can't wait to see what November brings. I need to order my absentee ballot. I don't like crowds, like going to the voting booth. Even if voting seems pointless to some, I still love the U.S.A. It is not a horrible place to be. Although, I'd like to be 20 different places right now. My wanderlust is flaring up.

So far we are making it financially. We have to be frugal. We have very little expenses, so that helps. I am about the most frugal person EVER and Cliff is too. We weren't always that way. It was hard at first. But we have decided being together as a family is more fun than being in debt and digging out all the time. When the kids are older it may be harder to be as frugal, but they are young and don't require much. We try to do things that are inexpensive. We buy their winter clothes at garage sales. They wear clothes people have given us. We buy our clothes on sale and only what we really need.

Both boys are doing great. They are the love of our lives. It is so nice having Cliff home more. This afternoon the boys, the dog, and I went on another hike. We just never get sick of seeing the dog so happy. We explored a really neat side trail that led to a creek. There was a little water fall and pool that she loved swimming in. While Cliff was writing a paper tonight, Holden and I took off with the dog to the lake down the street. We hung out for an hour. We laughed and threw sticks in the water that Shadow loved to fetch. We tested her endurance and found she can go a lot further than she could last month. It is nice to watch the sun go down. The days are getting shorter and cooler. I will miss the long days of summer.

Much peace to all!

~Heather ;)

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