Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fifteen Things about Cliff

I loved the warm fuzzies I got and gave by doing the "15 Things" exercise the other day for my son Holden. This time I am going to name 15 things I love or admire about my husband, Cliff. We have had some tough transition periods, but we always manage to come through grateful we stuck it out. This past year has been filled with transitions and changes, but we have had a lot to be thankful for. Being parents of young children can have some stressful moments. But I am glad we have learned to work together to be the best parents, and partners, we can for our boys and selves.

1. I love your sensitive side, like the way you love to hug me and the boys.
2. Your abundant energy, like our walks as a family and together.
3. Our movie nights together or as a family.
4. Your willingness to listen to my dreams and understand why they are important to me, like homeschooling, attachment parenting (that was your idea), or traveling.
5. Your handiness around the house, the cars, with the kids.
6. I love watching you goof around with the boys.
7. I love it when you call me from the store to see if I need anything.
8. I admire how you accomplish goals you set for yourself.
9. I love when you cook pancakes with the boys.
10. I admire how easily you learn new things.
11. I love your romantic side. Our dates are important to me.
12. I admire how neighborly and friendly you are to people.
13. I admire your flirtatious side, although I am a terrible flirt.
14. I admire your bond and relationship with our boys.
15. I admire your courage and ability to grieve in the face of death.

I love you babe! I can't wait to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in October!

~Heather xoxox

P.S. Anyone out there who wants to try this exercise, be warned. This makes you feel all warm and mushy inside. Especially when it is read out loud in front of people. That is the important part of this list. My son loved it! I could tell it made a huge impact on him to know how I felt about him. Even though he knows because I tell him. But I made a huge deal about reading the list to him and my husband was in the room.

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