Friday, August 15, 2008

How to save a life

Cliff just came home from picking up books at the library. He was soaked from jumping in the pond at the library to save a little boy's life. The mom to the boy was at the adjacent park. She was gathering up her other kids to leave and didn't see him take off.

I wrote a longer and more eloquent post, but I lost it. I am in a hurry now. The dog is fussing and little boys need me. I'm so grateful he was there to help that family.

Love to all and happy weekend vibes! It is off to a good start here.

Heather xoxox


justjuls said...

Hi Heather!
I am thinking you found me from the Radical Unschooler's Network?!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog.
I currently live in the Beaumont area - so when I say SE Texas - I mean as SE as you can get!
Happy weekend to you too!
I am assuming that Cliff is your husband - and how awesome that he saw what happened and was able to prevent a tragedy.

justjuls said...

Hi Heather! I was trying to find your email - and can't. I don't know any "unschoolers" here - but I know people in process which is kinda cool.
Where do you live now? (I know that is a totally inappropriate internet question - but I thought that since I told you first - it might be okay. Forgive me if it is not.)
You can email me at julientexas AT sbcglobal DOT net.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Maybe we can meet up sometime!