Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home sweet home

Except for a few outings here and there, we've been homebodies lately. She's been here one week and our dog has made being home feel so, well, homey. Holden loves Shadow so much that he has declared that he is now a dog person. But he still wants a kitten. Camden asked for a smaller puppy. I said one day. And later he asked where the puppy is? Oh boy! We are trying hard not to tie ourselves down to pets and a house. We still plan to be mobile one day for at least part of the year.

Today we all took the dog on a walk and Cliff and the boys ended up in the lake. It was so funny to watch them playing. Shadow loves to be anywhere the two boys are. She is in love with Holden! She loves to sleep next to him and follow him EVERYWHERE. He has a magic about him. We were reading a book tonight and she was on the bed with us. She saw herself in the mirror and got upset. She thought it was another dog. Holden had to explain to her that it was her reflection. He laughed at her barking at the mirror. She is so cute and lady-like.

We are thoroughly enjoying being home. Cliff was gone a lot the past 2 years and I was gone about 7 months in the past 13 months. Home sweet home, we are grateful to have a cozy place to live, love, and laugh often (with exception to a few cranky moments between two competitive boys.)

Cliff is enjoying watching all the cool things the boys do. Camden (3.5) memorizes books we are reading and likes to sing. He makes up his own silly rhymes. Holden is more serious, but still likes to joke around and laugh a lot. He helps a lot with the dog, something I am sure most 6 year old boys or girls wouldn't do for fun. Cliff is amazed at how easily they both make friends. Camden made friends with a boy who was at least six at the pool yesterday. The boy was really cool too. He thought Camden was funny and neat to play catch with.

The older our kids get the more I like to say, you reap what you sew. That applies to kids when they are bickering and negative, too. lol. Bet you can't tell we are proud parents.

Love to all...

~Heather and family

P.S. Cliff took two of these pics. He doesn't kneel down to take them like I do, so you can tell which ones are his. :)

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