Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maine on the brain

In two days I will be going on a much anticipated journey to meet three siblings I learned about three years ago. It is a long story. I always knew my step-dad was not my "real" dad and my mom talked about my biological dad every so often to talk about how much she loved him and was sorry it didn't work out with him. When I was 27 or so she spelled out his full name to me and I wrote it down. She had told me when I was 18 or so as well and I never could find him. She said he was in Boston. After my mom passed away in 2004, I was going through some photos of hers. On the back of a photo of me when I was about 12 she had written a little note about my real dad and his name. It renewed that feeling inside of me to find him. After about 6 months I did find out he had lived in Maine by doing a search on peoplefinders.com. When I called to talk to him his wife answered the phone. She knew who I was. He had told her there was a child conceived during a period that they were separated. His wife had also had a daughter from another person when they were separated. It was the early 70s and life was not too different from the 60s. lol. This was a tearful phone call. She was glad I had called. They had expected it sooner. They had searched for me as well. But my mom moved back home to Texas from CO. where I was conceived. When I asked to speak to my father, Cameron, Sandy got emotional and was reluctant to tell me he had passed away years ago. I was so stunned. It was around the time I had really tried hard to find him when I was 19. He was a special person and I am sorry I didn't get to meet him. But he left behind four people I can't wait to meet!

My siblings, Kirste, Alicia, and RJ and I have been in contact by phone and e-mail over the past three years. They are really neat people and I can't wait to meet them and their mom. I am flying into Boston, Massachusetts and RJ is driving me to Portland, ME. I'll be staying with Kirste and her two boys the first night. There's a chance RJ will take me with him to a wedding in VT. We are playing things by ear.

Cliff and the boys really wanted to go with me and still do. But Maine is a 20 hour drive from here.

I've never been to Boston or Maine, so I am excited. I've been to N.Y. and N.J. so I am not too worried. Life is one big happy adventure. I hope to bring the kids and hubby next time. I know this will be a really good experience!


zamozo said...

Wow Heather! What a wonderful opportunity for you! I wish you safe travels and joyous reunions with your family!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you're getting the opportunity to meet your family! Have a safe, wonderful time.