Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bandannas and more

This and that:

I don't have photos to share right now, but I am so excited about the bandannas the boys have been using for dress up. Camden was superman yesterday. Holden and Camden were pirates several days last week. Holden became fascinated with bandannas last week after he found a piece of cloth at the lake that he used as a bandanna. I told him why cowboys used them on the trails or when they were riding. He had just seen the classic, Old Yeller, the week before and loved it! I was surprised at all the racism toward American Indians, and we explained that to Holden.

This morning we went on a walk and found mallard feathers galore. Camden insisted one of the feathers were from a Harpy Eagle. I had to laugh because I hadn't thought about Harpy Eagles since I had read a book to the boys about birds last year which mentioned Harpy Eagles. They have been using the duck's feathers to play chase with our dog, Shadow. She thinks they are birds. I had never seen so many duck feather in one place. It made me wonder if a duck was killed by a fox last night.

Yesterday we dropped books off at the library and Holden read the "closed" sign. I love it when he sees words on signs or other places. It is exciting to watch his own learning progress.

We went swimming to the local pool yesterday with Cliff. Cliff got in the water and had a lot more than the he expected. We had to beg him to go with us. It took his mind off the pain he is having in his shoulder. We had fun playing with the boys, talking to neighbors, and seeing their kids play.

This morning Camden (3.5) pulled out a number stencil from a shelf and read numbers off the stencil to me (I was just folding laundry and watching him point the numbers out). He had fun using the stencil to draw the numbers. We don't sit and do math like preschools do, so I am so pleased to see how fun and natural learning can be for kids.

Last night Holden and I read a book from the library about Golden Retrievers. It was fun to learn things about dogs that we didn't know already. I had forgotten that dogs are color blind.

We are going to go swimming, but first Camden is going to lay down. He is tired. The sweet child never takes a break unless he is asleep. And even then he seems to be active at times. LOL.

Lots of love to all...

~Heather and family XOXOX

P.S. Can't wait until July 24 for Learn Nothing Day. But I doubt my boys will want a day off.

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