Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Attractions

I've been studying the law of attraction, hence the title of this post, and the first official day of summer was Saturday. So, happy summer solstice.

Yesterday Holden and I talked about making a nesting box for two ducks to live in. We didn't have ducks to live in a nesting box, but we thought if we put a box in our yard it would attract them. Today we woke up to these two ducks in our yard! Holden and Camden fed and watered them. The universe (or God) has answered Holden's wish for ducks, at least for today. We'll see if they come back tomorrow.

Later we went to Lake Aquabi State Park which is very near our town. We are really lucky because we have about 15 parks in a 20 mile radius of our house. Some are county, and some are state or city parks. All are very well maintained and fairly safe. The State Park we went to today was bustling with many families and couples, young and old. We had fun watching the boys play with other kids. They made things in the sand and had fun playing in the water. I was surprised at how warm the water was for as mild of weather we are having. I went in with them a few times. Cliff really misses being able to swim and rough house with them b/c of the surgery he had on his shoulder two weeks ago. But soon enough he will be able to do everything he did before.

When we got home the ducks were still here and ready for dinner. So, Holden and Camden fed them again.

It was a beautiful weekend! I have a feeling it is going to be a great summer! We have much to be grateful for. Last summer Cliff was in Mississippi for training to go to Iraq. We are extremely glad to be together and have the funds for Cliff to stay home all summer and heal. Our family is re-bonding. This is a true gift!

Happy summer everyone! May it be a wonderful summer for all...

Heather and family xoxox

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