Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Wishes

We have had quite a nice week here, which leaves us wondering what will be in store for the weekend. Hopefully more decent weather! All the rain has made everything really green and the flowers are just gorgeous! Everywhere we look there are flowers blooming. When I go on my walks the flowers and trees are so fragrant I have to breathe the scent over and over b/c I feel like I must be dreaming. It is magnifiscent!

Today I had several moles removed, and while we were out we went to pick up a pain prescription for Cliff at the V.A. To kill time waiting for the prescription to be written, and filled the boys climbed this tree. Holden took our picture from in the tree. You can see Cliff's sling for his arm.

All is well here and we are grateful for all! Thanks for reading our blog and we hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love to all~
~Heather XOXOX

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