Friday, June 13, 2008

Clear skies on Friday the 13th

Iowa may have a chance to dry out. Today is a lovely, warm, and sunny day and so was yesterday afternoon and evening! I finally got a great night's sleep with no storms to wake me.

Today we got a call from someone out of town I hadn't talked to in awhile. It was nice to know people are checking on us to be sure we haven't floated away! We've been getting a lot of that lately.

I went with Holden to open a savings account today after we went to the local library to drop off our weekly books, and get new ones. That was fun and is at a bank he can walk to when he is a little older. He collects coins and that will be fun for him to do more of as he gets older. There are some neat gold president coins that have been coming out over the past year he has been collecting. And he has a few other interesting ones. He has a nice black box he keeps those things in. It did have a lock, but he used it so much that it broke.

Cliff went to his first physical therapy session today. It went great! He is doing great. He just left with Holden to have some father son time on the town. They really enjoy their father-son time. Cliff and I hope to have a date this weekend. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do for Father's Day weekend.

Holden has been looking in on a neighbor's cat. The neighbor wants us to keep the cat, but we can't right now. Plus we want to get a kitten when the time is right. He plays with the cat and even fed and watered it because it ran out and the neighbor didn't leave extra...really sad. The cat is a year old and very sweet. We feel really bad for him. We wish we knew someone who wanted or needed a cat. Holden wants the cat, of course.

The boys had friends sleep over on Wednesday night. That was a lot of fun, but a lot of work too. We hope to do it again soon. It was their first time to have friends sleep over.

Hope everyone has a super Father's Day weekend and that Friday the 13th is a lucky day! XOXOX

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Deanne said...

How great that you have Cliff home for Father's Day! Enjoy!