Saturday, June 7, 2008

Changes on horizon

I feel like an old lady giving some of these updates. But these are important and on my mind. The boys have been having fun playing with their friends lately and all is well with Cliff. He's in a sling and on a high dose of pain medication. But he does not just sit and moan in pain. He talks to neighbors and is mostly fun to have around despite his lack of being able to use his right arm.

Well, while I was mowing the backyard today someone knocked on the front door to ask us a favor. They told us our neighbors with the five kids were moving out today. We knew they were trying to sell their house, but we seldom see the parents since they have been separated. So this was kinda sad news about them moving today. I have been either busy or out of town this past year, and this feels so sudden, but it isn't for the parents. Both of our boys were invited to a water balloon party twice this past week at their house with other neighbor kids, and had a great time. I was too busy to get photos, and now I regret that. I would have made time!

Also, Cliff talked to another neighbor and found out the house across from the family with five kids will be for sale soon as well. It is the house that housed a man Cliff and I helped a narcotic task force send to prison a few years ago. Although we will miss his mother (nice older woman) we are somewhat relieved he will not be moving in with her when he is released from prison for selling meth.

All these changes coming up have me a little nervous. We have had some not as decent type of folk moving in as we would like over the past few years. But so far they all take care of their houses. I somewhat wish we would have sold our house last year. If we get trashy neighbors, that don't take care of their houses, it will be hard to sell our house in the future. Sad because we have a cute house. So we are keeping our fingers crossed. Some of the people in our area are fixing their houses up, so we will hope for that type of people to move in. But if we end up with really terrible, unfriendly neighbors with loud dogs, or something we will not be here long. Either way is fine with me. I'd still sell everything and travel full-time. We talk about traveling more in the future. It is on our hearts.

I gave Cliff a get well card and wrote a sweet note inside letting him know he is really important to me. I'm so glad he is recovering well already, and will be as good as new if all stays on this path.

We have had some nasty spring storms over the past week. All is fine at our house, but I know that is not the case everywhere. We have storms with more rain coming this weekend and some people are bracing themselves.

Much love to all!!!!!!

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