Friday, June 6, 2008

A done deal

Well, thank goodness the surgery for Cliff is over. After three weeks of delays and thinking it would be done yesterday. It was rescheduled for noonish today and he came out of surgery at about 1pm. We left the surgery center at about 3:30pm, and went to get some pain meds, a sandwich, and finally made it home this evening. The kids were with neighbors they really like, and hardly missed us at all. All their friends kept them busy and happy all day. In fact we have been home over two hours and they have been in the house once. They are either doing water balloons or at another neighbors' on a trampoline. There are about 10 or so kids they have been with. Everyone is happy school is out and they are all getting along. It is a beautiful day! Thank goodness for that!

Cliff is tired and sore. He is on a lot of pain medication, but he will be fine. I will be really busy playing mommy to all. But Cliff has made me feel like gold today and thanked me many times for my help. It takes the edge off since I have to mow grass tomorrow and go grocery shopping.

I gotta go get the food out of the oven...duty calls. Love to all and have a happy weekend!!!

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Karen said...

Glad Cliff's surgery is over! Here's to a speedy recovery!