Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surgery and other stuff

Cliff is having surgery on his shoulder around May 22. HE. IS. NOT. THRILLED. But he is suffering just enough and has been for long enough that he is ready to get it over with.

We've been really busy trying to get some projects done here and just getting settled back home. The only other big thing we hope to accomplish before Cliff's surgery is carpeting the basement. We laid the pad and have the carpet just sitting there now. We have been putting free ads on hoping for some paid help to assist. And no one has been able yet. But we keep hoping. We put a call out today to a neighbor who is 18, or so, hoping he may be interested in making a few hours worth of money on the side. We'll see.

The summer excitement is really building here. Now that the weather is getting nicer all the time, and the boys' friends and cousins are almost out of school, it is starting to feel like summer is almost here. We may be getting a few special visitors this summer. My sister and nephew in Texas are hoping to come in June. And Cliff's niece may come to see us for a bit as well.

Both boys are doing great and really loving having their daddy and mommy home all day--except for all Cliff's doctor appointments. Both Cliff and I have been doing some part time work from home this week. It has been a bit hectic at times. But overall, we love being home together and all is working out well. If all goes according to plan Cliff will be home with us all summer (when he is not in psychical rehab, of course). We have lots of ideas for the future and hope to still travel together in the future. At the moment we are just trying to balance the everyday with two busy boys, and life. So far, so good.

Much love to all.

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