Sunday, October 15, 2006

More basement photos

As I am loading this up Holden and I are watching a couple of very small woodpeckers on a tree in our front yard. I'm anxious to get out into nature. There's so much to learn from all creatures, great and small.

Cliff is working hard to get the boards down. Now he is taking electrical wires out of the 2 x 4 s. We will use the 2x4s to frame the basement walls. Behind the panelled wall is our washroom with furnace and some storage space. That room will stay. Over the years we debated about re-doing that wall but it will stay. The photo of the white wall with cracked plaster was one of the walls to the room. Cliff removed it a little bit ago.

The other white wall is plywood with squares of mirrors which were painted over. Some of the mirrors were missing and the previous owner still painted over the wall. LOL. That should be interesting to take down and dispose of. I tried prying the mirrors down, but that was not a good idea. Cliff says he's going to take a hammer to it. I guess he'll need to wear his eye goggles too. Crazy!

One funny thing, I went down to the basement while Cliff went to buy an auto part for my car and I removed one small board and took out some of the nails. It was hard work! I have a new appreciation for carpenters and my husband!

Not only is Cliff working on the basement, but our van too! He took the van in to have it alligned yesterday because it was due time and he had noticed a rattling noise. It was a tie rod end on the axle going out. So he bought the part today and is going to change it. His step dad and brother are pretty handy and taught him a lot of things over the years. I've had a lot of friends tell me I am lucky to have such a handy husband. A lot of things he has learned thru trial and error too. I highly recommend paying someone if money is no object! LOL. Some of this stuff is dangerous. But if you have time, a little money, how-to books, and patience you can learn anything!

I'm just so thankful the structure of this basement is solid and there are no cracks, leaks, and it's not really damp. It is about 10 degrees cooler in the basement than it is upstairs though. It's been a great little hang out and storage place for boxes.

I better get back to helping Cliff and check on the kids.

(The photo of Holden with a brown bottle is Hank's root beer they got at the hardware store...yum yum)

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