Monday, September 4, 2006

Power Up!

A while back, in my "Little Scientist" post, I wrote about how much Holden (4 1/2) enjoyed the water wheels at the Science Center "Power Up!" platform. It was really cool to go with Cliff and the boys today because I was able to read signs I am usually too rushed or preoccupied to notice. So I was able to take pictures of some of our favorite places at our local Science Center and relax. In other words I let Cliff do most of the supervising of the boys. We had a really nice time and it wasn't crowded. I was able to get some photos of the water wheels while Cliff was building his dam. Holden and Camden were building lego cars nearby. I'll have to make another post for more pics and explanations.

It was really awesome to see Cliff acting like a kid again with the boys and enjoying playing at the experience platforms. At one point while we were upstairs in a large area by some legos the boys were using, Cliff and I sat on a bench and talked. It felt as if we were on a date almost. It was really funny. We laughed and joked for a good 15 or so minutes while we watched the boys. I can hardly imagine how much fun we'll have visiting other Science Centers, museums and outdoor sites on the road!

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