Saturday, September 16, 2006

No teddy bears, just planes AND knives

Camden has become obsessed with his airplane. When he forgets where it is he asks for it. At bedtime tonight he flat our refused to put it down. He was so sweet, except for poking and stratching me with it on accident.

Holden begged me for a pocket knife today. He has been asking for one for a VERY long time. He had a mini Swiss Army knife last year. For the most part he was o.k. with it. I found a few things vandalized though and so I kept it for good. So against my better judgement I let him have it today. He did pretty well with it. I'm one of those trusting moms. Most moms would never ever let their young ones have a pocket knife. But Holden is the most persuasive, persistant, smooth talking 4 year old I have ever met. And he gets so excited about things like knives. He used to go nuts over butter knives when he was 1. Now Camden is the same way. But Holden wanted to help chop food with real knives when he was Camden's age. And he did!

Being a parent is by far the most rewarding thing on earth. It's also the scariest thing on earth! Kids, gotta love 'em. Do love 'em!!

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