Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meeting the Buxcel Family

John and Karen Buxcel are from SD. John is working in Iowa for a few weeks and we're so glad we were able to meet them and get to know them as well. We share a lot of the same ideals and they are unschoolers as well.

Within five minutes of arriving at the campground where the Buxcels were staying, the boys found a toad. And then a little while later they found a large bullfrog! It was neat because the Buxcel guys had never seen one before and neither had Camden! We all hit it off and it was a wonderful day. I personally did not want it to end. We spent the whole day talking, eating, touring their bus, and the lovely campground. We made an outing as well! The day could not have worked out better.

It was a cool fall day with a good breeze. It had rained the night before and the campground was very wet. But it was a lot of fun anyway! We couldn't pass up the chance to meet another family who is very adventuresome and enjoys to be on the road! They recently bought a bus and they are very happy about their decision. Cliff and John talked about mechanial specifics on their bus. Cliff had so much fun seeing the ins and outs about the rig.

The Buxcels expressed such gratitude for our
driving an hour to see them and were glad to have the company of other unschoolers who get why they own a bus and parent certain ways. It was such a joy to meet people we have so much in common with. And we loved their bus, kids, and dog too!

Holden and Camden had a super terrific time (as Holden would say) as well. They played and played all day. There were very few upsets and they all seemed to get along well. I was relieved and it made the do go so smoothly and quickly! :~( They fell asleep on the way home and will have sweet dreams and sweet memories!

Thanks, Buxcels!!!!!

Photos: boys, John, Cliff, and Karen gathered around the frog and toad; Heather and Camden; boys looking at the toad; Karen and sleeping Sage; a beautiful sunset on the way home.

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