Friday, September 15, 2006

Frog, Eggs, and TGIF

Holden found a frog in the backyard today! And Camden went crazy over it. He wanted to hold it and keep it forever. It was so sad when we had to release the little frog because Camden kept crying and asking, "where frog go?" Holden showed it to all the neighbor boys. He was so proud of his new little friend. Most of his friends never see things like that unless we show them. It's pretty cool. A teen girl was here and asked if Holden was going to be a vet because he likes animals so well. I told her I don't know...he has a lot of interests. So far the only thing he consistantly says he wants to do when he grows up is be a superhero. I just tell him he's already a super hero! He doesn't believe me!

This morning Holden wanted to do a science experiment so I told him how about making scambled eggs? He jumped at the chance. I was in the tub and let him get started without me. He was thrilled. The eggs turned out great! When I made it to the kitchen he had done a fine job of getting them scrambled and into the pan. He even got the fire started without hurting himself. He had done it before when he wasn't supposed to and now only starts the gas stove when we ask him to. So he's had some practice and understands the safety rules. I can't say I'd want him to do this everyday because he is still so young (4 3/4). But I was sure proud of him!

Cliff is extremely excited about a college football game tomorrow. He is going to watch it on cable with a friend he used to work with. Cliff had a few calls today looking to get him out on the road working. It seems like he is happy and will be onto bigger and better things soon...He says he's going to miss us, but he knows at some point in the not so far future we'll be going with him.

I spent an hour or so this morning packing up some items I sold on ebay. The boys went nuts watching me pack up so many of our things off the walls. Holden was so chipper and running all around with Camden. They were jumping and laughing and so cute. Holden knows we are trying to get rid of things we can't take with us when we move into an RV or bus. I had to wrap each item and dust each item too. Funny how dusty things are and I don't even notice half the time! Afterward we went to the post office about a mile away. I forgot Camden's shoes and he was wearing a dirty shirt. But everyone there was happy and smiling at the boys. They bring a lot of cheer wherever they go! I guess I can take it for granted. The shipping fees for the box cost a lot more than I expected it to. I'll know for next time!

It's a lovely fall day here with lots of sun and 80 degrees. It's going to rain this weekend so I will miss the sun. After a few days of little sleep for whatever reason I'm glad Cliff will be here this weekend and I will try to get some decent sleep. TGIF!!

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