Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thought for the day--Let 'em be

Let kids be themselves and don't try to mold them into something they're not.

This morning Holden and Camden were drawing on plain paper with markers outside on the patio table. It's just that nice out today. Holden showed me a colorful snail he drew. It was neat for a 4 year old. It reminded me of a book I picked up for .10 at the library. It is a thin paperback book (Usborne, I think) with ideas on how to draw some basic things. I showed it to him and flipped thru it. He and Camden wanted to color in it! I said well maybe we'll put it away until you're older. When I came back he said he was making his own book of pictures to give people ideas on how to draw. I made some pictures for Camden and when we were all done I told Camden and Holden they could get some tape to hang them up. I had already forgotten what Holden said. Well he went to get the tape and started to make his book. I was thinking small and he was thinking big and on his own terms as he often does. He even had his name on his art work.

I try really hard not to dictate because a lot of times they have better and bigger ideas than I do! Adults think in the box sometimes and kids naturally think outside the box, unless their creativity and imagination are dwarfed by something or someone(s). They know their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

This reminds me of a something a fellow unschooling friend emailed me called, "Animal School." It illustrates what schools do when they try to force animals (kids in disguise sorta---you'll see) to do well at things they aren't naturally meant to do. I can't speak for the website it is linked to or the emails you'll get if you enter your email addy at the end. I do like the photos and words in the actual video though. Kids need us to be their advocates and believe in their true selves. This is something kids need from us whether schooled at home, public school or unschooled. Here's a link to see "Animal School:"

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