Monday, August 14, 2006

The Iowa State Fair!

We made the Fair an all day event. It was an awesome day I'll never forget. A few highlights:
~My first time on the Giant SLIDE! OH BOY! That would have been a funny video of the boys and I with my eyes closed THE WHOLE TIME.
~Went to all the animal barns (sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, etc.)...stinky, but fun! Saw a huge 5000# bull, big boars, and beautiful, massive horses too!
~Went to all the music stages...what fun to see kids dancing; some dancing parents too!
~Made it to Grandfather's Farm for a pony ride. Saw bees, kittens, ducks, ponies, and baby chics too.
~Saw the butter cow (life size cow made out of butter) and a Superman replica made out of butter as well.
~Of course we ate corndogs too! YUMMY and almost worth the $3 a piece we paid! Ouch!
~Visited the toy train museum and Camden wanted to play with the trains. Neat Display even though it wasn't complete. However, it was FREE b/c it wasn't complete.

We could have stayed there all day and all night. The sky was blue and it only got up to 80 degrees. Holden took his shirt off in the morning to play in a sprayer then put his shirt back on saying it was cold when the wind kicked up. We got very lucky and picked a gorgeous day to go! Holden and Camden both learned a lot, saw many new things, and had a blast! I learned that I can keep going and going and going just like the kids...We hope to go back to the Fair with Cliff when he comes home. The people were awesome, except for a few cranky moms (gee that coulda been me). And we made a friend while watching the Iowa Veterans Band. I wish I had the energy to go into more detail. All I can say at the moment, is that my legs are tired from walking, but I am so glad we went and had a great time. It's something we enjoy doing every year since we've lived in Iowa. One last thing, I made a new Flikr Badge (blue) with just the Fair photos. It is on the left side bar under the first badge. :~)


Zamozo said...

Wow Heather, you're brave! I admire your "can do" approach to taking two little boys to the fair! It looks like you guys did a bunch of fun stuff! The boys are just so adorable! If you go on Saturday, maybe we'll see you there. Zoe's performance is at 11:30a.m. at the Susan Knapp Ampitheater.

Heather said...

Much braver than I realized. I did not go w/ the expectation of being there all day. The atmosphere is so energizing there and the people are so helpful too. I brought some ice water in a jug, and the people at the place we ate lunch at refilled it for us. They gave us ice too! All for Free! Otherwise, we'd have left hours sooner.

I think Cliff flies in at 1pm on Sat. So I am sad I will miss Zoe's dance. Thanks for letting me know when it is b/c I was going to try to go! That is a neat new stage! We saw some musicians playing trash cans there yesterday. They were very good.