Sunday, August 13, 2006

Traveling man and rainy day kids

Cliff is still in California for the Navy. He'll be home next weekend, just in time to go to the Iowa State Fair's last day.

Yesterday he and some guys from the Navy reserves went to L.A., Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. They went on a 2.5 hour, guided bus tour of the area. He liked it there so much he wanted to go back today! While we were on the phone he was eating freshly picked strawberries from a nearby farm. He is going to try to buy some freshly grown mangos tomorrow. He doesn't generally like to eat mangos when I buy them. Hmmm, I wonder if he misses us? And what was I thinking not sending the camera with him?

He's more excited than ever to travel full-time. He's already talking about the next job he may take--after he's been home a week or so.

The kids and I have been bums all week because we've been a little under the weather--I had it the worst. I think we have been missing Cliff too. He is a lot of fun and I get wore out caring for the boys, house, and yard without him. Holden and Camden pitch in where they can though. The nice thing has been the weather. It has been humid, rainy but not too hot lately. The boys played outside and in the sandbox in the pouring rain today. They were so wet when they came in! Holden asked me to take their picture after they dried off and changed their clothes.

After an uneventful week running a few errands, watching movies, PBS, and playing outside with neighbor kids, Holden begged and begged to go to the Fair today. So the boys and I will attempt to go to the Fair tomorrow for sure. It should be a fun time and lead to a lot of neat experiences. I'll try to get some decent photos tomorrow to share; like the butter cow and boys eating something on a stick. I better get some rest now...

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