Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Now what? A big sigh of relief that my husband is done with college, again! We are still plugging away here to get the house up for sale as soon as possible. We have big dreams to get on the road and travel as a family. Our patience is going to pay off one of these days. The kids are also excited and we are all well. This small Iowa town can't hold us much longer. We will miss it and the sweet people here. Of course, I am happy at the moment and am being as content as possible. We still have a lot to do. Thankfully it is almost summer and very nice here. For my husband's graduation we went out with friends, had a bbq, canoed with friends, and did not attend the ceremony! We are so past the stuffy and formal gatherings of yesterday. It was nice to just do what felt fun for our family. And we did!

Love to all!

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