Monday, October 25, 2010

Changes and some things that don't

Looking back at last year's blog posts for this month, and the years prior for October, make me see changes I don't remember on my own. It is funny how the seasons change more slowly than I remember them in my mind. The kids seems so little last year and I realize how much they have changed this past year. As the kids get older I have more time between busy moments to see how fast parenthood goes by and how much I want to appreciate it all.

Some Canadian geese are in our neighborhood for the winter. This is about a third of them here.

Loving the fall colors and leaves that are on the ground. The kids are not too fascinated with playing in the leaves as they were in years past.

Camden on the new swings at the park nearest our house. I miss the old playground equipment, but we do like the new swings and climbing wall. My  kids still prefer digging in the sand by the beach more than playing with the very expensive new equipment. Of course, we have swings in our backyard, so swings are nothing big to them.

They dug in the sand for about an hour. Nothing beats sticks, rocks, water, sand and fire! That fact will always remain for boys throughout time. You can count on card board boxes as well.

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