Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brotherly mud, hike, & the coon skin

The good weather just keeps on coming here in Iowa! As soon as I was over my cold, off we went for a hike on a sunny fall day last week. On the way there we found a newly dead raccoon (hit by a car, but not badly disfigured). Holden asked to take it home to skin. As you can see by the photo below, it was a good sized raccoon. He does not know how to skin it with the head fur yet. He is learning though. Next time he may get it right.

Camden has been very interested in gaming this week. He can find trainers on WoW, read the maps, and lots of other things he has learned over the years by playing the game and watching others play. I have enjoyed taking a break from "the game" since Camden has been more interested in it. That gives me time to help them with questions plus I have been doing a lot of reading, listening to books on tapes while cooking or cleaning. I have a few shows I like to watch as well. Thank goodness for DVR's. I record the shows we like and we watch them commercial free when we have time.

We have been taking a break from working on the house because of lack of time and money. But we hope to install the bathtub and shower next month. It is sitting in the garage! Yay! Cliff worked his butt off to make that happen. I love that man! We had a good anniversary last week and now we are excited about Halloween this coming weekend and then Cliff's 40th is the next weekend. We have some fun planned, but nothing extravagant. He has been working a lot and I am looking forward to him being home a bit more the next few weeks.

The boys are still really busy all the time with friends coming and going or they go to friends' houses. It is neat to see their friendships evolve and how they manage to maintain friendships through hurt feelings and other issues that arise. Some of these friendships have been going on for over 5 years now.

XBox rocks!

Holden's first best attempt to skin a raccoon. Not bad for learning from Youtube videos.

Walnut Woods by the Raccoon River

Shadow was  happy for the lovely romp by the river and woods. Across the river from Shadow (above her) you can see a speck. That is a person contentedly watching us the entire 45 minutes or so we were there. We could barely see a tent in the trees. I wondered if it could be a homeless person, since there is not a campground there. I heard the homeless shelters are already full and it is not even winter yet. Scary!

Checking out the new climbing wall in our neighborhood.

Planning their blind walk to the car.

They were taking turns hiking back to the car with their eyes closed while holding hands.

It is always nice to see them nurturing their relationship as brothers as well. I am really happy they have the time to be children together. I notice the more time, respect and patience I give to them as individuals, the more loving and kind they are to each other.

Love to all~

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