Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looky what we have here

Taking a break from dodge ball (Cliff, Holden, Camden, cousin Robbie--my nephew)
Camden with a cicada (locust) shell we found
The cicada shell we found
Still smiling even though she has to be a conehead for awhile.
She has an owie on her cheek you can't see in the photo.
It is almost healed now. She has what dog owners call a "hot spot" from allergies and/or heat.
Camden found some mating butterflies outside my sister's house.
They have many tropical vines and flowers to explore right outside the front door.
S.E. Texas is a sub-tropical climate; humid and hot--near the Gulf of Mexico.
Staying cool is easy with a hose!
Fort building using big clippers and Holden's machete. This is the wooded lot next to my sister and B-I-L's house.
The garden we helped B-I-L build two summers ago. It is doing well.
Can you see the sweat? This was right before a rain shower we were waiting for. It was humid out!
All this can make a boy tired!
We are having fun here and Cliff has been job hunting via temp agencies. We will be able to go to a water park and do some sight seeing, if he gets some income coming in. Otherwise, we will head home soon and have some fun there! We are grateful for this time with family and the mosquitoes are not too terrible.

So that is the update I promised! Sending love to all!



Cam said...

Heather, that looks like so much fun! It's hot here in Georgia also! I mean, sweltering!

Glad to see you all livin' and lovin' as always!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! I hope you'll make it back for the pic-i-nic! <3