Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Crazy unschoolers crash school picnic"

O.k. so we didn't ruin the picnic or anything, and we really aren't crazy. We showed up at park day and saw two school buses parked by the playground today at 1pm. My kids got out of the car with the dog and I asked them to try to keep her by the playground, and away from the picnic shelter. Before I could get out of the car I heard a roar of laughter. Shadow entered the picnic shelter. It was pretty funny! I bet she went in there with her tail wagging and she probably had a huge grin on her face. I called her and she came right out. The teachers smiled at us and Shadow did not go back in there again until they left. She had to taste all the crumbs the kids left behind. She wagged her tail goodbye to all the kids as they headed to the school bus in their single, file line. She begged them to come play with us and they begged to play at the playground, but it was way too muddy for them after days of rain. That is what the teachers told the kids. We were grateful it was not too muddy for us and we had the park all to ourselves.

We left the park at 2pm because no one else showed up and we were ready to go. We still had fun and I am glad we went. Shadow needed the run and so did the kids. We went swimming at the YMCA the hour before and it would have been fun to stay there a little longer, but Shadow was in the car waiting for us. Thankfully it was a very cool day and she is patient.

That is all I have to say about all that!

Peace to all!

~Heather ♥



Holly said...

Hey,sorry we missed you! We didn't get there till about 2:30. It was a nice day at the park though!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

We would have stayed at the park longer, but it didn't seem likely anyone would be coming. :O(

It was pretty wet and dreary out. But we still had fun. Sorry we didn't stay a little longer.