Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts for the day and world peace

It is rainy and dreary here today, but it is welcomed. We have had great weather this spring and I am not complaining. Cliff took the boys on a date this afternoon, so I am just relaxing...or at least trying to.

This morning a cool thing happened. We heard weather sirens going off. Cliff came to me and asked what was up with the sirens. We knew it wasn't tornado weather. I had him grab one of the weather radio walkie talkies Holden got for his birthday (we use the walkies a lot, btw). Cliff forgot how to use it, but I remembered. The weather radio message instantly told us that is was just a test siren being sounded. Those walkies will come in handy a lot over the years.

Also, we are leaving in about 44 days for LIFE is Good in Washington and then up to Alaska. The to do list is getting bigger. I've been making packing lists as well. I ordered our Milepost 2010 for Alaska travel and the Traveler's Guide to Camping in Alaska by the Church's. The Milepost has about 40 maps. I have heard great things about both books. I can't wait to get them in the mail. One thing Cliff and I are not agreeing about: new tires. He says we can wait to get them later, if needed. He says there is lots of tread left. He wants to spend money on another inexpensive laptop instead. That way we will each have our own computers while at home and an extra for on the road since the desk top is not travel friendly.

For the trip I have started a folder with important papers so we will have easy access to confirmation letters, Mapquested directions, and stuff listed yet to go in the proof of car insurance and health records for the dog. Those items may come in handy when at the Canadian border. Our passports will be here sometime this month.

I am also working on our first aid kit. I lost our other one last summer. I have replaced most of the items, just need another brightly colored small zipper bag. I do not use most products that are in the kits at the store. I have my own array of items I prefer. Most kits don't stock items for poison ivy rash, I do. I also like to use Tea Tree oil and a special burn and cut spray we love.

Well, I had more lofty goals for this blog world peace. Another day! The photos were taken last weekend. It was a good one for us.

Love to all!

Namaste ("I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me."--Hindu)


Chris Adam said...

Hi Heather. Been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. We're unschooling on the road and will be ending our trip in a few weeks when we arrive in our new home in the interior of British Columbia. You're going to be coming straight through our town (100 Mile House) on your way to Alaska, so it would be great to meet you on your way through and show you and your family around a bit. Let's try to connect! Our boys are 8 and 11.

Chris (

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the kind offer, Chris. What is your email address and we will be in touch. Your travels look very fascinating. I am sure you have a lot of stories to tell. ~Heather

Anonymous said...


Look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the preparations!

Chris Adam said...


Good luck with the preparations. Believe me, it's the best thing you'll ever do.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Chris, thanks for the words of encouragement. I have added your email to my contact list. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and we will hope to meet up! It is something we like to do on the road and part of why we are planning to sell our home next year, and do this full-time for a few years. You really hit a lot of places we will be! Florida, Maine, Texas, and a lot of places in between. ~Heather